Aug 23, 2011

How to Help Jenny

Everyone who helps Jenny by voting for her will get a free ice-cream from me and her the next time we meet!

Here are the steps you have to take to help Jenny by adding a vote for her:

1) Go to

2) Click on РЕГИСТРАЦИЯ in the upper right corner of the page.

3) Fill in the boxes:

Име и фамилия: (Name and Surname)                   Град: (City/Town)

Адрес: (Address)                                                 Телефон: (Phone No)

Парола: (Password)                                             Повтори паролата: (Repeat the password)

E-mail:                                                                Код от картинката: (Code from the picture on the left)

4) After you finish filling in the boxes, tick the small square near "Запознах се и приемам общите условия".

5) Then click on Потвърди

6) After you do that, go to your email and click on АКТИВИРАЙ

NEW: It seems like many people are having problems with this step and are getting an error. When you click on  АКТИВИРАЙ  you could probably get an error URL that would look something like this:

What you need to do is delete the = so that it should look like this:

7) Then go to and click on ВХОД in the upper right corner.

8) The simply click on the green thumbs up symbol under the picture of Jenny. A message will pop up and you just need to click OK and then OK again.

And you just won a free ice-cream of your choice!!!

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