Sep 8, 2010

Tourboarding - The Easiest Way to Visit China

Up to now I was providing information mainly regarding Japan, but my core idea is not to focus on only one country, but rather on the whole East Asian region.

Nowadays, China is becoming a Great Power, and supposedly in the near future it will take decisive part in the world problems discussions and solutions. This, and the somehow mysterious atmosphere around the country, fed by the communistic information curtain, cause the interest of many people in visiting it. is a great site created specifically for those who would like to visit China and experience the true spirit of the largest nation on Earth. The only ability required is to be fluent in some language "in demand", mainly English, but there are people searching for  French, Spanish, German, Russian and Portuguese speaking mates. There are a few options available to choose from:
  • Language for free accommodation - probably the best service (depending on what you are searching for of course), you have to speak a minimum of 2 hours per day in English with your host family/person and in exchange they provide you free accommodation (including meals)!!! If I had the time to fly to China, I would take this opportunity right away...
  • Language for free guiding - this option is targeted to those who are scared to go out on themselves in China, without knowing the language or the places and worried to be cheated. Again during the guiding you will have to speak with the "guide" in English (or whatever language you arranged to speak), but what easier than that?
  • Language for Chinese - I can hardly imagine a better opportunity to practice (or even start studying) Chinese than speaking with a native person all the time and teaching each others' languages in a win-win situation
  • Language for traditional Chinese skills - these include painting, calligraphy, cooking, music, etc. and as far as I know to study these is usually very expensive and in group courses for a few hours per week, where the teacher cannot actually guide each "student" individually. If you are interested in such activities, I would recommend you to take the opportunity.
  • Language for long-term rent - this is almost the same as the free accommodation, but as far as I know meals are not provided, and this is mainly for people who would like to start a transition to living in China, or really adventurous ones, who want to live the real life of a native
  • Friendship and Dating - I think the title says it all... if you are into Asians, you could have your life story :)
  • Co-Touring - your "student" could tour around the country with you if you would like it, and I think it's much safer than for example going with friends or family. It's always good to have a native by your side anywhere you go!
  • Paid Home Stay - well, it's definitely cheaper than if you would have to stay in a hotel...
I know what many of you are right now thinking - hey, where's the catch? I'm sorry but I cannot answer as well. I guess there is no catch and the popularity of this site among Chinese is based on the fact that the private language lessons rates in China are incredibly high (in the range of USD60-70 per lesson for English language), which means that it would be much cheaper for a native person to provide you home and food than pay for private lessons.

If you would like to use the full services provided from the management of the project, you should become a VIP member, and I personally think it's totally worth it. There are three ways to become a VIP member:
  1. Donate $25 or more - as stated in the site, the money would be used for aids to poor students in the remote areas of China
  2. Invite 3 new friends - in my opinion the easiest way and I guess your friends won't mind registering and using the services as well
  3. "Finish the web works and publish in the task box on home page." - I seriously don't know what that means, but if you discover, please, inform me
Here are the benefits which you get as a VIP member: VIP Member Rights

Hope you would like it.

Xie-xie for reading :)

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